SWIFT 2017


SWIFT (Summer Winter Integrated Field Technologies) exists for the airport community to gather and learn about new pavement design, construction, evaluation and maintenance techniques, materials, chemicals, systems and equipment available to keep airports safe and operational while addressing any challenges, at minimal cost, during all seasons.

SWIFT provides a forum:

  • for technical experts associated with airfield maintenance activities to join together and exchange ideas
  • for the discussion of issues and potential technical solutions to problems 
  • to share results of research and development projects and activities 
  • to identify issues of national and international concern for showcasing and/or identifying changes to existing regulations, policies, standards and guidelines, technical training, maintenance management and practices.

Who Should Attend?  

  • Airport Authorities – small, medium and large airports located in Canada, US and Europe
  • Airfield operations, civil engineering and maintenance management & staff
  • Government agencies involved in developing and regulating airports
  • Air traffic control agencies
  • Airport pavement engineers and contractors
  • Military airport operators and pilots
  • Manufacturers of materials, chemicals, equipment, instruments and systems related to the airport industry
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airline representatives and pilots
  • NASA

Topics Include:

  • Design, construction and maintenance of airport pavements
  • Snow removal & ice control procedures & equipment
  • Regulations as they relate to airfield operations & maintenance
  • Measuring and reporting runway surface conditions
  • Airline & other user perspectives on airfield operation & maintenance
  • Anti-icing and de-icing chemicals and techniques
  • Environmental issues related to airfields